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SciLifeLab platforms visit Umeå

To raise awareness of the technologies and expertise offered to researchers from all of Sweden, SciLifeLab organizes visits to universities around Sweden. During spring 2016, we will visit both Göteborg, March 17, and Umeå, April 6.

During these visits, you will get the opportunity to listen to platform presentations and hear real-life examples from current users of the platform’s facilities. A selection of the platforms represented will also arrange workshops or one-to-one meetings to stimulate discussions and answer questions regarding their services.

Register here
 The last day for registration is March 29.
(If the lecture hall is not full you are welcome to join even without a registration, however no lunch or coffee is included).



09.00 Arrivals & coffee
09:30 What is SciLifeLab and how can SciLifeLab support your research?
Lena Claesson Welsh, acting Co-Director SciLifeLab
10:00 Sequencing and genotyping on all scales at the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI)
National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) platform
10:15 The national Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) – Support, Tools and Training
Bioinformatics platform
10:30 BREAK
10:45 In-depth and large-scale protein profiling, analysis and imaging in tissues, cells and body fluids
Affinity Proteomics platform
11:00 Current and coming activities at the Structural Biology platform
Structural Biology platform
11:15 Future opportunities for cell and structure biology in Umeå
Cryo-Electron Microscopy facility
 11:20 Small molecules to study and understand complex biological systems
Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden platform
– Discovery and validation studies for prostate cancer biomarkers in plasma with antibody assays developed by Biobank Profiling (case study from Affinity Proteomics platform)
Pernilla Wikström, Dept. of Medical Biosciences, Umeå University
The search for colon cancer genes in northern Sweden (case study from NGI platform)
Erik Johansson, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry, Umeå University
– Discovery of novel molecules that regulate growth to better understand plant development (case study from CBCS platform)
Stéphanie Robert, Dept. of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, SLU/Umeå Plant Science Center
13:30 Drug Discovery and Development platform: Services provided and how to access these resources
Drug Discovery and Development platform
13:45 Swedish Metabolomics Centre: a platform within SciLifeLab dedicated for metabolite analysis
Metabolomics platform
14:00 BREAK
14:15 Characterization from whole cell to single molecule with high spatial and temporal resolution
Bioimaging platform
14:30 Functional Genomics: high throughput experiments and single cell analyses
Functional Genomics platform
14:50 Concluding remarks
Lena Claesson Welsh, acting Co-Director SciLifeLab
17.00 The end


Get answers to your questions in one-to-one meeting with our facility personnel. Please indicate in your registration with which of the platforms you would like to meet. During the mingle sessions there will also be opportunities for spontaneous meetings.

– Bioimaging
– Structural Biology
– Bioinformatics
– Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS)
– Metabolomics
– Drug Discovery and Development
– Functional Genomics
– National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI)
– Affinity Proteomics


Please indicate in your registration if you would like to attend any of these workshops.

– Karolinska High Throughput Center (Functional Genomics) – “CRISPR/Cas9 screening: introduction and services at the Karolinska High Throughput Center”

– Affinity proteomics in tissues, cells and body fluids. Possibilities and considerations on study design, sample preparation and scientific output



Venue: KBC lecture hall, Umeå University

For more information: Please contact