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Timo Otonkoski, September 29

SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series
Monday, September 29

Timo Otonkoski

Professor of Medical Stem Cell Research Children’s Hospital and Research Programs Unit, Molecular Neurology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Timo Otonkoski is the Professor of Medical Stem Cell Research at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine since 2007. He is also a specialist in Pediatric Endocrinology and maintains a clinical activity at the Children’s Hospital. His main areas of interest have been in studies of pancreatic beta cell development and pathophysiology. During the last decade he has also directed the Biomedicum Stem Cell Centre in Helsinki and actively developed pluripotent stem cell- based approaches for the study of diseases.

Home page:

Disease modelling through iPS cells: Possibilities and challenges

Reprogramming of human somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells, or directly into other types of somatic cells, provides a new platform for studies of cellular (patho)physiology in patient-specific cells that would otherwise not be available for study. When combined with genome editing, this approach enables the direct functional evaluation of single genetic variants in an isogenic system. Current major challenges are related with incomplete differentiation of the stem cells into desired functional cell types, resulting in high variability between cell lines and experiments. In my talk I will describe our recent advancements in nuclear reprogramming and genome editing, and the current status of projects aiming to apply these approaches for studies of the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cell.

Host: Niklas Dahl