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SciLifeLab Fellows seminar series: Sorting RNA for function or decay

Speaker: Torben Heick Jensen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark


Eukaryotic genomes are pervasively transcribed, yielding a wealth of both functional and cryptic transcripts. We aim to understand how cells deal with such massive genomic output by studying the molecular machineries that sort RNA for function or decay. In my talk, I will describe our most recent efforts characterizing human nuclear RNA degradation complexes and discuss the molecular basis for cellular decision processes determining RNA fate.


Prof. Torben Heick Jensen laboratory studies the production and quality control of RNA in eukaryotic cells (S. cerevisiae, mouse and human) and its contribution to gene expression regulation. A main focus of his laboratory is to understand the molecular principles dictating the sorting of newly transcribed RNA into a productive pathway involving its packaging with protein and cellular transport vs. a destructive pathway leading to RNA turnover. He headed the Centre for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism (2005-2015) and is member of the Centre for Integrative Sequencing (iSEQ) at Aarhus University. He has been elected member of European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO, 2012) and of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (2016). Prof. Jensen is an advanced ERC investigator and member of multiple International Scientific Advisory Boards.

Date: December 8

Time: 11:00-12:00

Venue: Air&Fire auditorium, SciLifeLab Solna

Host: Vicent Pelechano

This seminar is part of a seminar series hosted by SciLifeLab Fellows