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Structural Biology Discussion Group

Structural biology aims direct visualization of macromolecules and therefore provides the most definitive way to describe its mechanisms of action. High resolution cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is emerging and developing technique in structural biology capable of producing density maps for direct atomic modelling.

Every Thursday at 9.00, we gather a discussion group to better understand what is the current practice of cryo-EM, critically assess where it falls short, present the most recent developments and applications to interesting biological problems. We encourage everyone to take active part.

Location: SciLifeLab Stockholm, Alpha 5, Kinnekulle room.

Presenter: Jose Miguel de la Rosa Trevin
Home lab: Spanish National Research Council
Title: SCIPION workshop



Theoretical session:

9:00 – 10:30, Alpha-5, Kinnekulle room.

General introduction to cryo-EM single particle.


Practical session I:

10:45 – 13:00, Gamma-3, Amunts lab.

– Movies alignment (Xmipp, MotionCorr).

– CTF estimation and screening (Ctffind4).

– Particle picking (Xmipp, Eman).


13:00 – 14:00   Lunch break


Practical session II:

14:00 – 17:00, Gamma-3, Amunts lab.

– 2D classification (Spider).

– More picking with templates (Relion).

– 2D classification (Relion, Xmipp).

– Initial volume methods (Various packages).

– 3D classification and refinement (Relion).

For more details please contact Alexey Amunts.