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Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy (3 Hp, SK3514)

The course aims to provide all participants with training in the fundamental theoretical and experimental aspects of super-resolution microscopy (Nobel Prize in 2014). Scientific tutorials will introduce fundamental and advance aspects of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Experimental demo-session will further deepen the understanding and applicability of super-resolution microscopy.

As the name implies, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is a field in which novel optical approaches and single molecule sensitive fluorescence methods are applied to answer question in cellular biology via nanoscale biological imaging. The course will be carried out at the national Science for life laboratory in Stockholm.

Last day for application is May 4.

Registered as PhD-student and submission of ALM access proposal

Assoc. Prof (docent) Hans Blom, Email:, 08-52481214

More information (PDF)