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SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, David Cesarini, Phenotypic meta-analysis

Monday March 20th

David Cesarini

Associate Professor, Center for Experimental Social Science, Department of Economics, New York University

David Cesarini is an associate professor in Economics at New York University and a co-founder of the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (SSGAC), which seeks to bring cutting-edge methods from medical genomics into social-science genomics. Through the SSGAC, he has been involved in efforts to discovery genetic associations with a wide range of behavioral traits. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Multi-Trait Analysis of GWAS Summary Statistics

We introduce Multi-Trait Analysis of GWAS (MTAG), a method for the joint analysis of summary statistics from GWASs of different traits, possibly from overlapping samples. We demonstrate MTAG using data on depressive symptoms (Neff = 354,862), neuroticism (N = 168,105), and subjective well-being (N = 388,538). Compared to 32, 9, and 13 genome-wide significant loci in the single-trait GWASs (most of which are novel), MTAG increases the number of loci to 74, 66, and 60, respectively. Moreover, the association statistics from MTAG yield more informative bioinformatics analyses and, consistent with theoretical calculations, improve prediction accuracy by approximately 25%.

The full paper in BiorXiv

Read more about David Cesarinis research here and here.

Host: Leif Andersson