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SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, Jacques Reis

Monday January 16th

Jacques Reis

Department of neurology, University of Strasbourg, France

Neurologist, specialist in Environmental Medicine. Founded French associations for  post training in Neurology. In the late nineties, facing clinical neurotoxic cases, he became aware of the lack of clinical research dedicated to environmental causes of neurological diseases. The creation of the French-speaking ”Club de Neurology et Environnement” ensued in 2002. Environmental Neurology Research Group of the WFN is chaired by J R . He launched the first teaching course on Environmental Medicine for medical students in the University of Strasbourg in 2009.

The boomerang effect: dealing with neurological risk factors, due to the global changes

When addressing global environmental issues, the common motto for media worldwide is usually to emphasize the most popular end points like climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution and far behind their impact on health. Rarely they consider, in a holistic way, all the global changes induced by the Mankind. That’s why we choose to name the human health effects produced by a feed-back process “the boomerang effect”. When reviewing the global changes from a focused point of view, looking precisely on neurological consequences, three main themes arise:  climate change illustrated by the global warming and extreme weather, air pollution and greenhouse gases as well as diffuse chemical pollution. Impact on human health of the environment, notably climate, has been recognized since Antiquity (Hippocrates). Two facts are recent: first, we now have a better analysis of the complex, multifactorial effects of global changes on health; second the awareness that these global changes will affect human health has grown in the public opinion. Four examples will provide useful contributions: Central nervous infections, stroke, neurodegeneratives diseases and developmental brain toxicity.


Host: Anne-Marie Landtblom