SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, James Liao, Carbon Metabolism

Monday November 6

James Liao

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. James C. Liao is President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan, and a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering. He received numerous awards, including the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, ENI Renewable Energy Prize, and the NAS Award for Industrial Application of Science.

Re-design of Metabolism for Carbon Management

The key metabolic pathways, enzymes involved, and their reaction mechanisms were largely elucidated through a collection of efforts in the 20th century. Since then, metabolism has often been neglected as a field attracting relatively little attention.  However, metabolism is key to cellular functions, disease mechanisms, as well as global carbon cycle. With the growing understanding of biochemical functions of the cells and organisms, it is time to re-think and re-design the metabolic networks to solve problems in energy production (and medical care) that cells were not evolved to deal with. These two seemingly unrelated fields are surprisingly linked at the level of metabolism. Efficient energy metabolism is both crucial to the biological production of fuels as well as managing obesity, cancer metabolism, and brain function.  In this talk, we discuss how fundamental metabolic pathways can be re-designed to afford efficient carbon management. We attempt to derive principles of metabolic engineering from both computational and experimental aspects.

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