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Swedish Microfluidics in Life Science 2018

The Swedish Microfluidics in Life Science meeting gathers the research field and showcases its research to the larger life science community at SciLifeLab. The meeting intends to kick start the discussions on forming a Swedish Microfluidics in the Life Sciences Organziation. Lunch and dinner included.


Light lunch and registration


12:40 Session 1: Chair Håkan Jönsson
Neurovascular unit on Chips

Anna Herland, KTH/Karolinska Institutet

Nanofluidics for DNA analysis

Fredrik Westerlund, Chalmers

Applications of microfluidics – from single cell and aggregation studies, to organ-on-chip

Caroline Adiels, University of Gothenburg

Microscale acoustofluidics

Per Augustsson, Lund University

Coffee break
14:35 Session 2: Chair Fredrik Westerlund
Advances in microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip systems, micro/nanostructured soft matter, biosensors and biomedical microdevices

Wouter van der Wijngaart, KTH

Integrating acoustophoresis to droplet microfluidics

Maria Tenje, Uppsala University

A nanofluidic device for the fluorescence-based study of small biological vesicles

Marta Bally, Umeå University

Microfluidics Sorting Schemes for Novel Cell/Particle Properties

Jason Beech, Lund University

 Coffee break
 16:40  Session 3: Chair Maria Tenje
Microfluidics based sample preparation for point of care diagnostics

Aman Russom, KTH

Cellulose and paper as a platform for microfluidics

Mahiar Hamedi, KTH

From acoustofluidics to microfluidic models of the underground

Pelle Ohlsson, Lund University

Concluding remarks

Håkan Jönsson

Dinner at Macelleria, Solnavägen 1b


  • Anna Herland
  • Marta Bally
  • Aman Russom
  • Caroline Adiels
  • Wouter Metsola van der Wijngaart
  • Per Augustsson
  • Håkan Jönsson
  • Maria Tenje
  • Fredrik Westerlund
  • Pelle Ohlsson
  • Mahiar Hamedi

Scientific Committee

Håkan Jönsson, KTH/SciLifeLab
Fredrik Westerlund, Chalmers
Maria Tenje, Uppsala University/SciLifeLab
Per Augustsson, Lund University



Please contact for enquires about available spots.