What can and cannot be patented

Welcome to an open seminar to learn more about what can and cannot be patentet under the European Patent Convention.

  • An introduction to the European Patent Office (EPO) (Pia Björk, Director Pharmacy and Biopharmacy; Anne Durrenberger, Examiner Biopharmacy)
  • What can and cannot be patented under the EPC, with a particular look at the pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields (Frédérique Fey-Lamprecht, Examiner Biopharmacy and Francesca Venturini, Examiner Pharmacy)
  • The level of evidence required in a patent (Andrea Veronese, Examiner Pharmacy)
  • Computer Implemented Inventions (Matthias Hilbig, Examiner Bioinformatics)

Pia Björk, Director Pharmacy and Biopharmacy, European Patent Office Munich
Anne Durrenberger, Examiner Biopharmacy
Frédérique Fey-Lamprecht, Examiner Biopharmacy
Francesca Venturini, Examiner Pharmacy
Andrea Veronese, Examiner Pharmacy
Matthias Hilbig, Examiner Bioinformatics

Air&Fire auditorium, SciLifeLab Solna

Date and time: May 18th, 15.00-16.15


If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact mikaela.friedman[at]scilifelab.se