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Workshop: Open Science in Swedish Life Science

The SciLifeLab Data Office invites to a workshop in Open Science, aimed at researchers and service units in life sciences in Sweden. This meeting gives participants a chance to learn about policy changes towards Open Science and data publishing, and the benefits for individual scientists.


Trippelrummet, entrance floor Navet SciLifeLab in Uppsala

Attendance is free (limit of 92 participants) but registration is required, and can be done by filling in the form below.

Deadline for registration is Sep 13th.

If you have any questions please contact


 9.00 – 9:30  Coffee and registration
 9.30 – 9:45  Johan Rung: Introduction, SciLifeLab Data Office
 9.45 – 10:00  Olli Kallioniemi: Open Science in SciLifeLab
10.00 – 10:30  Adam Ameur: Swedish Genomes and genomic data sharing
10.30 – 10:45  Coffee
10.45 – 11:15   José Miguel de la Rosa Trevin: Workflows, standardization and data processing for Cryo-EM
11.15 – 11:45  Ilkka Lappalainen, CSC – ELIXIR: Sensitive data management using Nordic use cases
11.45 – 12:15  Sven Nelander, IGP, UU: Large scale data integration for cancer research: bridging disease models                 and the population
12.15 – 13:15  Lunch
13.15 – 13:55  Heidi Howard, Bioethics, UU: Open Science from a Bioethical Perspective
13.55 – 14:35  Jessica Parland – von Essen, CSC: Open Science in Finland
14.35 – 15:15  Grace Baynes, Springer Nature: Reproducibility makes the case for good research  data practice:                     Springer Nature perspectives on global trends and data publishing
15.15 – 15:35  Coffee
15.35 – 16:15 Susanna Bylin and Magnus Eriksson, VR: Coordination of the open data ecosystem
16.15 – 16:55  Niclas Jareborg, NBIS : Swedish bioinformatics for data publishing and access control
17:00   Finish



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