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Human Antibody Therapeutics

National facility

The Human Antibody Therapeutics facility supports the development of therapeutic antibodies. We will assist by isolating human antibodies from in-house constructed phage libraries to targets as suggested by the partner PI. It will be of critical importance that the partner PI has a substantial know-how of the biological system/target molecule, either from a clinical or basic scientific aspect. The objective is to deliver a reasonable number of candidate clones for further in vivo characterization in collaboration with the partner PI.


  • Generation of well-characterized human antibodies for therapy
    • Selection and cloning of monoclonal, high affinity human antibody fragments from phage display libraries
    • Re-cloning, expression and purification of isolated antibodies as full format Ig molecules
    • Initial characterization of the isolated antibodies: DNA/amino acid sequence, binding specificity/selectivity, affinity, stability, aggregation, epitope mapping, etc
    • Assessment of function and biological potency of the antibodies using in vitro assays
  • Consulting at the pre-proposal stage with potential partner PIs on project design etc.
  • Collaborate in the design of relevant assays for biological potency of the antibodies, and in designing proof-of-concept studies


  • Highly diverse naive human antibody phage libraries
  • Pro- and eukaryotic cell culture laboratories
  • Protein purification systems
  • Automated liquid handling robotic stations
  • Equipment for protein characterization, including SPR instrument, isothermal calorimeter, ELISA work station, iQue Plus flow cytometer and more