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In Vitro and Systems Pharmacology

National facility

In Vitro

This facility aims at a thorough understanding of the in vitro pharmacology of a candidate drug therapy (single drug or a drug mixture) using relevant model systems and systemic molecular and phenotypic profiling techniques in combination with computational systemic/network and synergy analyses. It also aims at development of biomarker signature based drug companion tests for individualized pairing of the drug candidate with suitable patients. Finally the facility is offering advice for further proof of concept studies in validated in vivo models.


  • In vitro and systems pharmacology part of integrated drug discovery projects.
  • Multivariate and network analysis. For comparison, modeling and prediction of drug candidate effects based on systemic molecular profiles (eg mRNAs and proteins)
  • Phenotypic and biochemical profiling of compounds.
  • Single cell molecular profiling. Of e.g. protein levels and protein modifications/interactions in combination with computational systemic analyses
  • Synergy analysis and companion drug optimization.



  • Acoustic liquid dispenser with Access robotics.
  • Automated large-scale fluorescent microscopy.
  • Automated robot (Scara) based analytical platform.
  • Commercial and in-house tailored compound libraries, computational algorithms, and chemo-genomic databasesCommercial and in-house tailored compound libraries, computational algorithms, and chemo-genomic databases.
  • Large scale time-lapse microscopy inside incubator.
  • Standalone dispensing robotics and multimode readers.


  • Pharmacological profiling using relevant disease models
  • Therapeutic window in vitro (disease vs normal)
  • Mechanism of action elucidation
  • Identification of off-target effects
  • Proposal of alternative areas for clinical therapy
  • Proposal of synergistic companion drugs
  • Biomarker signature based drug companion tests