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The Laboratories for Chemical Biology at Karolinska Institutet (LCBKI)

National facility


The Laboratories for Chemical Biology is a comprehensive academic screening and chemistry center within CBCS and is one of the largest core facilities at Karolinska Institutet. With significant experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and newly refurbished industrial-standard facilities, the LCBKI team provide assistance to research groups planning to develop chemistry and chemical probes to strengthen their research. A central part of our comprehensive infrastructure is the CBCS compound collection. This collection implies access to over 100,000 proprietary and commercial small molecules with selected subsets available for screening purposes. As a part of CBCS, LCBKI offers its services to all Swedish academic institutions.


  • Access to small-molecule screening libraries.
  • Assay development.
  • Biochemical, cell-based and phenotypic high-throughput screening.
  • Chemical proteomics & target identification of small molecule ligands.
  • Computational chemistry and modelling.
  • High-throughput imaging technology.
  • Hit optimization.
  • Medicinal chemistry expertise.


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