Medicinal Chemistry – Lead Identification

Facility part of the DDD platform

The Medicinal Chemistry - Lead Identification facility will take on, explore, and optimize molecules in drug discovery projects. Synthetic and computational chemistry will be at the core of the so-called Design-Make-Test-Analyze cycle that characterizes a small molecule drug discovery program. The mission is to deliver small drug-like molecules with potency, selectivity, physicochemical and ADMET properties of sufficient quality to allow proof-of-concept animal studies. We work in close collaboration with our colleges in the hit-to lead facility https://www.scilifelab.se/facilities/hit2lead/.



  • Organic synthesis of bioactive compounds (small molecules and peptides).
  • Medicinal chemistry expertize.
  • Iterative design, synthesis and analysis of assay data to improve compound properties.
  • Compound characterization, structure determination and purity analysis.
  • Quantitative structure based activity relationships.
  • Scale-up synthesis of bioactive compounds.
  • Selection and purchase of commercial compounds.
  • Synthesis of reference compounds.
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • In collaboration with Medicinal chemistry Hit2Lead
    • Computer-based drug design



  • Analytical UHPLC-MS.
  • Automated flash chromatography systems.
  • GCMS instruments.
  • Hardware and software for Computer-Aided Drug Design.
  • Microwave batch reactors.
  • Microwave continuous flow reactors.
  • NMR spectrometers.
  • Peptide synthesizer.
  • Preparative HPLC instruments.



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