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Mass Cytometry

National facility

Mass Cytometry Linkoping

The mass cytometry provides state-of-the art single cell proteomics using mass cytometry (CyTOF) to the Swedish research community, including extensive data analysis support for this novel and complicated technology. The facility also focuses on developing the mass-cytometry technology. The activities are shared between two sites: one in Stockholm at SciLifeLab and one at Linköping University. For more information see


  • Single-­cell functional analysis. By analysis of intracellular cytokine/chemokine production.
  • Single-­cell phenotypic analysis. By mass cytometry (CyTOF).
  • Single-­cell phospho­‐proteomic analysis. Of intracellular signalling pathways upon drug treatment or stimulation.


  • Liquid handling system.
  • Mass cytometer.


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