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Biophysical Screening and Characterization

National facility

Biophysical screening and characterization 600x200pxl

The facility provides kinetic and structural information on interactions between biomolecules. The data can range from simple qualitative analyses demonstrating that two molecules interact, to in-depth quantitative analyses that provide mechanistic, kinetic, thermodynamic, chemodynamic information as well as the molecular details of molecular complexes. The facility will primarily aid hit-to-lead development projects in the Drug Discovery Platform, but can also provide services to academic and external researchers.


  • Analysis of molecular interactions. Using SPR biosensor technology and thermophoresis.
  • Protein crystallization. E.g. of enzyme-inhibitor complexes.


  • Biacore T200.
  • Crystallography.
  • Nanotemper instruments. Lable free and fluorescent.


  • From target validation lead generation for integrated drug discovery projects
  • Characterization of hits and leads
  • Identification of interaction partners