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The Telegraph puts spotlight on‘cancer-eating’ viruses

Published: 2012-09-03

The Telegraph has today published an article on Uppsala scientist Magnus Essand and his research on cancer treatment using so called oncolytic viruses, in an effort to raise funding for clinical trials.


Magnus Essand’s research group has developed a virus strain that can be used to successfully destroy neuroendocrine tumors in mice. However, to be able to use the virus for human therapy, extensive and costly clinical trials are needed.

The article published today in The Telegraph is written by award-winning authorAlexander Masters, who’s friend was diagnosed as having neuroendocrine tumors.

In a joint effort to raise the money needed for further research and trials, a fund has been set up. All donations to the fund will be used to finance further development of oncolytic viruses for neuroendocrine tumor therapy and to perform clinical trials in humans.

Upon Alexander Masters’ suggestion, Magnus Essand has agreed that anyone who donates a million pounds will have the virus strain named in their honour.

Read more about Magnus Essand’s research and the donation fund that has been set up.


David Naylor