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Cellular & Molecular Imaging

The Cellular and Molecular Imaging platform has specialized competence and instrumentation for molecular, cellular and tissue analysis, suitable for monitoring and imaging molecular structure and dynamics, from whole tissue sections, through cellular and sub-cellular scales, down to single molecule visualizations, including production of proteins and antibodies.

Nine facilities with unique combinations of leading competences and state-of-the-art instrumentations for visualization and quantification on the biological micro- and nanoscale are open to users.  See links to the right.

National platform steering board
Anders Tengholm, Chair (Uppsala University)
Richard Lundmark (Umeå University)
Fredrik Hök (Chalmers)
Angela Cenci-Nilsson (Lund University)
Elena Vikström (Linköping University)
Rogers Karlsson (Stockholm University)
Ana Teixeira (Karolinska Institutet)

Platform directors
Hjalmar Brismar, Platform Director (Karolinska Institutet)
Jerker Widengren, Vice Platform Director (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)