Functional Genomics


High throughput methods are transforming basic biological and medical science. It is now possible to apply a holistic perspective and examine all genes and many proteins, their expression, regulation and function in numerous organisms, in any tissue, even at the level of single eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells. Services offered at the four facilities of the Functional Genomics platform include single-cell capture followed by genomic and transcriptomic analysis by next-generation sequencing and protein analysis using proximity-extension, as well as high-throughput screening of extensive siRNA and chemical compound libraries in various assays.

National platform steering board
Peter Arner (Karolinska Institutet)
Anders Blomberg (University of Gothenburg)
Anna Collén (AstraZeneca)
Mikael Elofsson (Umeå University)
Karin Rengefors (Lund University)

Platform director
Jussi Taipale, Executive Director (Karolinska Institutet)
Stefan Bertilsson, Vice Executive Director (Uppsala University)