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Metabolites are an important component of all living organisms. It is well known that disturbances in metabolic patterns cause metabolic diseases, which may have dramatic consequences for an organism’s survival. Besides screening of metabolic diseases, focused or general profiling of metabolites (metabolomics) or lipids is necessary in order to understand basic biological processes, such as nitrogen uptake in plants, interactions between micro- and host organisms and developmental biology of animals or plants.

A metabolomic analysis combines a number of steps from tissue extraction through the detection and measurement of metabolites to analysis, interpretation and visualization of the results. All steps may be either untargeted or more targeted, the choice depending on the analytical/biological questions posed and various other factors, including the classes, stability and other properties of metabolites of interest, whether or not the samples need to be purified, detection limits and required analytical accuracy.

The Swedish Metabolomics Centre in Umeå (SMC) provides service in the field of metabolomics, by answering researchers’ questions using chromatographic techniques in combination with mass spectrometry. SMC offers all analytical steps from sample preparation to data processing, for both untargeted and targeted analysis of small molecules. The service platform works as a professional consultant facility and is divided into two parts; consulting and service.

National platform steering board
Maria Fällman (Umeå University)
Gunnar von Heijne (Stockholm University)
Göran Karlsson (Göteborg University)
Thomas Moritz (SLU)
Hindrik Mulder (Lund University)
Jens B. Nielsen (Chalmers University of Technology)

Platform directors
Thomas Moritz, Platform Director (SLU)
Anders Nordström, Vice Platform Director (Umeå University)
Jens B. Nielsen ,Vice Platform Director (Chalmers University of Technology)
Johan Trygg, Vice Platform Director (Umeå University)