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Application and Evaluation Criteria

Criteria to apply for SciLifeLab event support

To receive central SciLifeLab event support, the event must:

  • Focus on SciLifeLab core research areas and/or SciLifeLab technologies.
  • Have a national focus, and accept participants from all over Sweden.
  • Be organized in Sweden.
  • Be organized by one or more members from a SciLifeLab research group or a facility.
  • Prominently feature SciLifeLab in the advertisement (nationally) and during the event.
  • Have co-funding for the event. SciLifeLab also supports seeking co-funding from relevant industrial partners.
  • Be a 1-4 days event.

To receive central SciLifeLab event support, the event is encouraged to:

  • Involve relevant SciLifeLab facilities in the meeting, i.e. short plenary talks and/or exhibitions.
  • Include “user case” speakers from all over Sweden in facility-organized events.
  • Be a joint organization among and between SciLifeLab facilities and research groups, or with an external organization.
  • Be an interdisciplinary meeting


Evaluation criteria

Your event will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • SciLifeLab core research area and/or SciLifeLab technologies
  • National distribution of speakers (speakers from other universities than SciLifeLab host universities/industry/health care are represented)
  • National distribution of participants (advertising and accepting people nationally)
  • How SciLifeLab is made visible before and during the event
  • Lengths of event correspond with our guidelines (1-4 days)
  • Location (city, university)
  • Realistic budget expectations
  • Plan for co-funding
  • Joint organization between facilities or between facility and research group(s)