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Open source projects


Open source code is released under a licence that allows others to use that code for their own purposes. Releasing code in this way helps to foster transparency and co-operation within the academic society.

SciLifeLab benefits from open source software (for example, all of our servers run open source operating systems) and contributes back to the community by promoting open-source code practices. Many programmers and bioinformaticians working at the center release their code as tools for general use. These releases demand maintenance and documentation and result in greater productivity of the community. We are curating a list of useful and actively maintained projects at SciLifeLab in our open source portal. You can find code ranging from simple bioinformatics resources and general programming tools right through to complete data analysis pipelines.

The open source portal Editorial Board

The Policy for the SciLifeLab open source web portal allows the open source portal Editorial Board to develop and maintain the web site in a proactive manner.

Members of the Editorial Board are:
Per Kraulis, National Genomics Infrastructure
Phil Ewels, National Genomics Infrastructure
Robin Andeer, Clinical Diagnostics platform
Eric Björkvall, IT and support
Jessica Nordlund, National Genomics Infrastructure
Alvaro Martinez Barrio, Bioinformatics platform