Media banks

The universities’ media banks

If you need photos to illustrate your facility or research, please check if your university have pictures that you can use. Most of them have a section of their media bank that is public and one that is only accessible for university employees.


Karolinska institutet


Linköping University

Lund University

Stockholm University

Swedish University of Agriculture Science

University of Gothenburg

Umeå University

Uppsala University


Image suppliers

There are a number of online image suppliers from whom you can buy individual images or set up a subscription. Such as e.g. Adobe Stock.


Images via SciLifeLab Operations Office

The Operations Office (OO) at SciLifeLab have a limited subscription at the image supplier Adobe Stock. On occasion, if time is available, we can help SciLifeLab community members to download pictures for information material concerning SciLifeLab.

If a researcher or platform/facility wants help from OO, please contact us well ahead of time, describe what the pictures are going to be used for, and when they are needed. We will reply as to whether or not we can help you.

You must find out which picture you need via Adobe Stock and send the file name to us so that we can easily find the picture.

If you wish to use stock images regularly you need to set up your own subscription, or buy individual images via the image providers.



The images that OO help you to download are only allowed to be used for the specific purpose that was approved by OO staff when the picture was acquired. For example: If they are downloaded for a roll up, they cannot be saved for later and used for another product, e.g. a poster.