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Director and Co-Director positions for SciLifeLab genomics and high-throughput sequencing

Published: 2018-04-09

SciLifeLab seeks a visionary Director and a Co-Director to head our national Genomics Platform and high-throughput sequencing. We welcome expressions of interest to these positions from both internal and external (national and international) candidates.


About the positions

SciLifeLab is a major contributor to genomics and high-throughput sequencing in Sweden. We are now looking for a new Director and Co-Director for SciLifeLab Genomics and high-throughput sequencing operations.

We would like to create organizational synergies and collaborations between all facilities that currently operate sequencing technologies and deal with genomic data today. The task for the directors will be to unify and link the currently separate Genomics and high-throughput sequencing facilities at SciLifeLab under a single platform, including the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI), single cells technologies, clinical sequencing, ancient DNA, genome engineering and bioinformatics. The goal is to develop more integrated R&D efforts, analysis pipelines and full services, including sample processing, sequencing, data analysis and interpretation.

The commissions as Director and Co-Director are linked to employment at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and/or Uppsala University (UU). For external applicants, the SciLifeLab management will assist in negotiating with SciLifeLab host universities for a permanent position, such as a call for a professorship for candidates that are scientifically qualified. The Director and Co-Director are expected to be a 50% effort, which is financed by the SciLifeLab national funding. For the other 50%, the nominated scientists will conduct their own research and/or participate in teaching at one of the SciLifeLab host universities. Both directorship nominations are initially committed to a 3-year period, but can be renewed.



The Director and Co-Director are high-profile positions in the SciLifeLab organization, with major leadership roles in genomics, nationally and internationally. We expect applicants to hold a PhD or MD/PhD with a high scientific profile, as well as technological experience in genomics and high-throughput sequencing and associated bioinformatics. Experience in operating or supervising infrastructures and core facilities in genomics and high-throughput sequencing at a high international level is considered positively, as is leadership experience and a documented ability to foster research at a high international level. Also, candidates with no current affiliation at KTH and UU, including international candidates, are strongly encouraged to submit an expression.


Expression of interest

The candidates should send applications for an expression of interest in the Director, Co-Director or both positions. Please send an application to by May 6, 2018. Please provide a one-page motivation letter on why you are interested in the position and indicate your plans for the future of SciLifeLab genomics. A full CV and a list of top 10 publications (of relevance to the position), full publication list, as well as names of three references should be included.


Selection process

The top candidates will be invited to an interview organized by the management group of SciLifeLab, with participation of the key platforms as well as representatives of the host universities. The decision for the nominations will be taken by the SciLifeLab board, while the host University makes arrangements for salary and long-term appointment. Expected starting date is in the fall of 2018, or in the case of international candidates, January 2019.




SciLifeLab genomics organization

The genomics operations at SciLifeLab are currently carried out by several organizational units:

  • National Genomics Infrastucture (NGI) is the largest SciLifeLab unit for genomics and operates key facilities in Stockholm and Uppsala (at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University). NGI also receives infrastructure support from The Swedish Research Council, VR, (2018-2020). KTH has appointed a steering group, chaired by Marju Orho-Melander from Lund University.Taken together with VR funding, other funding and user fees, the total turnover of NGI is almost 200 MSEK.
  • Clinical sequencing facilities (KTH/Karolinska Institutet) in Stockholm, as well as at Uppsala University, University of Gothenburg and Lund University. Together these facilities have launched the national Genomics Medicine Sweden (GMS) program.
  • Facilities for ancient DNA and for single cell sequencing for both eukaryotes and prokaryotes and for genome engineering.

In addition, part of SciLifeLab bioinformatics platform is extensively dealing with sequencing data and increasingly many other SciLifeLab platforms require sequencing services or use sequencing as a readout.