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PhD student in Environmental Science focusing on Mixture Toxicology and High-Throughput Screening

Published: 2019-01-21

Project description
This doctoral project involves development and testing of high-throughput cellular screening (HTS) approaches to estimate the health risks of real-world environmental chemical mixtures. The student will use established cellular assays and develop new assays in HTS format to measure the cytotoxicity, epigenetic effects and endocrine disrupting potential of environmental chemical mixtures found in individual human blood samples. The project will make effective use of existing national infrastructure, including liquid handling robotics and HTS technology, at SciLifeLab (Solna). The research position is fully funded for 4 years through a grant from Formas, and you will work as part of a bigger team involving toxicologists, analytical chemists, molecular biologists and bioinformaticians to understand the toxicological effects of environmental chemical mixtures in the human body.

Qualification requirements
To meet the general entry requirements, the applicant must have completed a second-cycle degree, completed courses equivalent to at least 240 higher education credits, of which 60 credits must be in the second cycle, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or elsewhere.

In order to meet the specific entry requirements, for doctoral studies in Environmental Science, at least 45 of the credits at the second cycle must be in one of the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, or Meteorology) including a 30 hp/HEC thesis project. The applicant should also have 30 hp/HEC in other natural science subjects different from the major. The applicant may also have MSc degree in other relevant areas (e.g. Toxicology, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, or Molecular biology).

The qualification requirements must be met by the deadline for applications.

Associate Professor Oskar Karlsson, and Professor Jonathan W Martin, telephone: +46 72 146 2773,

More information
Read more and apply here.