PhD student / Postdoctoral position in cryo-EM structure determination of bioenergetic complexes and methods development

Published: 2018-10-03

The research group

Our group works on the mechanism of protein synthesis and bioenergetics in mitochondria and chloroplasts. We determined cryo-EM structures of the human mitoribosome plant chlororibosome. These studies showed that protein synthesis machineries in organelles have adopted intricate compositions and unique tasks, adding incredible complexity to the records. The achieved understanding of the architecture of these specialized systems provides now a framework to study even more sophisticated questions regarding the assembly and evolution mechanisms of the critical bioenergetic membranes that fuel life.

Available resources at SciLifeLab include access to the most advanced cryo-EM facility: Krios, Talos Arctica microscopes, all equipped with direct detectors; state-of-the-art supporting platforms, including Mass Spectrometry, Protein Production and Scientific Computing.

Tasks / purpose

We are looking for an enthusiastic researcher interested in how molecular machines function. The research will involve resolving complex biological questions with methods development where needed, as well as through collaborations with academics and industry.

The lab is generously funded and provides supportive environment and independence for smart people, while offering collaborations with the leading groups in complementary fields.

Skills and meriting

Applicants are expected to be proactive, have excellent communication skills, and show proven ability in cryo-EM related research. Overall, it is a good opportunity for someone with a strong interest in science, who is looking to make impact on a central and developing field.

How to apply

Interested individuals are welcome to contact Alexey Amunts directly,