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Application and evaluation criteria

Below is a summary of the desired features for potential RCPs

  • Broad programs at the highest international level, leveraging synergies and adding value arising from collaborations among the best scientists in their fields in Sweden.
  • Participation from at least two, universities across Sweden. Scientists from both SciLifeLab host and non-host universities are welcome to join.
  • Involvement of one or more SciLifeLab facilities/platforms and their staff members, who ideally should be critical to the RCP and of value to the future development of the infrastructure.
  • PIs participating in the RCPs should have secured substantial external funding for their research, however for new multidisciplinary initiatives, less stringent requirements are applied.
  • Some RCPs may focus on new multidisciplinary links and/or have the potential for significant impact on society, and participants from other sectors , such as industry and health care may also be included.
  • Applications from all fields of molecular life science are welcome. Members from other scientific disciplines are also encouraged to join a RCP. Any PI affiliated with a University in Sweden can participate in a suggested RCP.
  • SciLifeLab is particularly welcoming new collaborative efforts from currently under-represented areas at SciLifeLab, such as non-biomedical science (e.g. biodiversity, evolution, environment, agriculture, forestry etc.) as well as clinical research.


Selection process and time-plan

The SciLifeLab board approved the principle for RCPs at its November 7, 2017 meeting, and a call will be open from January 15 until February 26, 2018.


The suggested RCPs should nominate a coordinating PI who will submit the RCP application. The university of the coordinating PI will be the primary host university of the RCP.


A short application of intent proposal is submitted according to instructions using a web-based form and templates.


The SciLifeLab Management Group together with the Infrasturcture Directors will consult external evaluators to evaluate and prioritize the proposals. After considering the scientific ranking, host university and SciLifeLab priorities and commitments, the board will make the final evaluation and approval of the RCPs.


Each RCP is typically approved for three years at a time, with a start planned in the summer/fall of 2018.