Call for SciLifeLab Technology Development Projects (TDPs)


The purpose of the 2018 Technology Development Project (TDP) call is to empower development and optimization of technologies to help SciLifeLab national infrastructure facilities offer improved and new services to their customers and to keep the SciLifeLab infrastructure profile at the cutting-edge. The funding is intended for 2-year research projects during 2019–2020.


Who can apply?

Applicants of a TDP can be:

  • researchers/staff scientists at existing SciLifeLab facilities/platforms
  • researchers/staff scientists at other Swedish infrastructures
  • individual researchers at all universities/institutes in Sweden

Applicants should consult SciLifeLab facilities/platforms to investigate the interest of their proposal, and statements of support for the TDP should be documented upon request. Proposals for technologies that do not fit into existing facilities need stronger justification. Previously SciLifeLab SFO-funded Pilot Projects can be considered and will compete on equal terms with new proposals.


Desired features of TDP proposals

The technology to be developed should:

  • be cutting-edge and internationally competitive
  • not currently available as nation-wide service in Sweden
  • have a broad scope and be of general versatility for life science researchers
  • fit into any of the SciLifeLab technology areas:
    • Genomics
    • Proteomics
    • Metabolomics
    • Single Cell Biology
    • Cellular and Molecular Imaging
    • Molecular Structure
    • Chemical Biology
    • Genome Engineering
    • Diagnostics Development
    • Drug Discovery and Development
    • Bioinformatics

The responsible researcher for a TDP proposal should preferably have a joint plan with an existing SciLifeLab facility or platform on how to enable incorporation of the technology in 2021 as nation-wide SciLifeLab service to users.


SciLifeLab funding

The funding from SciLifeLab is a maximum of 1.5 MSEK per year for up to two years (2019–2020) and can typically cover:

  • salary, or part of salary, for a researcher (post doc, staff scientist etc.) in charge of developing the technology
  • costs for purchasing critical reagents/consumables/materials.


Evaluation process and timelines

  • The call for TDPs is open from Feb 21 until midnight April 11, 2018.
  • Applications will be evaluated and ranked by the SciLifeLab Management Group based on technological and strategical importance.
  • Decisions on funding of TDPs will be taken at the SciLifeLab Board meeting in November 2018, and funding will be available from January 2019.
  • The funded TDPs should be aimed for incorporation as new services into existing SciLifeLab infrastructure facilities in Jan 2021 without requirement of additional SciLifeLab funding. As an alternative, but more limited option, a funded TDP can be proposedby a Swedish university to become a new SciLifeLab facility  in conjunction with the international evaluation in 2020.


Instructions and template



The form for completing the application for Technology Development Programs (TDPs)



Lars Johansson, SciLifeLab Infrastructure Coordinator