Survey on precision medicine preparedness at SciLifeLab

The promise of precision medicine is to provide personalized treatments and preventive strategies for human disease, depending on the patient’s molecular, environmental and lifestyle factors. Our vision is that SciLifeLab should play an important role in the implementation of precision medicine by providing cutting edge technologies to researchers and clinicians. 

Through the Clinical Genomics platform, SciLifeLab has already successfully contributed to the implementation of genetic analysis in clinical diagnostics of cancer, inherited disorders and infectious diseases. There is a large research interest in further extending precision medicine towards additional disease areas and other technologies. This could include for example additional molecular profiling layers, spatial and image-based analyses, increased single-cell resolution and functional drug testing. 

This survey is a first step towards identifying methods that are currently available at SciLifeLab that are suitable for precision medicine. In a second step, we may ask for more details about your methods.

The survey can be answered on unit or platform level. Please submit your response no later than May 6.

Methods suitable for precision medicine

In order to be suitable for precision medicine, a method should preferably fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Clear clinical application of the method (e.g. potential to improve diagnostics, treatment selection or disease monitoring)
  • Amount of sample needed possible to obtain within routine clinical sampling
  • Availability of reference sets/control samples for assessing sensitivity and specificity 
  • High technical quality (e.g. sensitivity, specificity, robustness)
  • Possibility to develop a standardized, cost-efficient, workflow from sample collection to easily interpretable results with short turn-around time (often around 2-3 weeks)

Based on the criteria listed above, please use the template provided to list and briefly describe currently available methods at your platform/unit that, after reasonable development efforts, would be suitable for precision medicine.

The template can be downloaded here, and upload your response below.

Last updated: 2022-04-25

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