Services and Resources

What kind of services can we offer you?

We have a number of services available to facilities, and some things are in development. Our aim is to provide better services for the facilities, and produce an encouraging and supportive environment for you to be able to help your users. At any time, please tell us what your unit requires or what would be helpful. All our services are currently provided for free for facilities. Contact us at for any of the following:

Order Portal: The Order Portal is a web based system for facility communication with prospective users. Order Portal instances are now configured for several new facilities. We can provide you with an instance configured according to your own specific requirements. You can try out a demo instance at, contact us at, or Per Kraulis directly at The service is free and supported for individual facilities, within reason.

ProjectPlace: This is a cloud based system for project planning and storing documents, made available through agreement with UU, and approved also for storage of non-sensitive personal data.

Slack: Slack, an online communication tool, is provided to all SciLifeLab affiliated users. This is a lightweight tool for communication, very useful in teams and user friendly. Many teams in SciLifeLab use this for within-team or within-project daily chats. If you have an email address at, or, simply go to, and create accounts for yourself and any facility personnel. For those of you with other local university accounts, email your user lists to and we will create accounts for you.

Publication database: The current search and browse interface of the Publication database ( now also contains functionality to add crossrefs to published datasets associated with the publication record. Also, research publications from SciLifeLab for 2010-2018 are now available at

Facility management system: A facility management system (scheduling, invoicing, pricing, operational management etc) has recently been procured by KI and UU, Agilent Technologies iLab Operations Software was awarded the contract. The implementation process will start shortly. KI core facilities will be required to use it, but SciLifeLab facilities will be given access to it through Data Centre.

Data repository: The data repository system Figshare har recently been procured, for SciLifeLab facilities and researchers to publish datasets, documents, presentations, or any other material they wish to make public. This system will complement the publishing of datasets in public raw data repositories, at the EBI or NCBI. More details will be available shortly.

Data management plans(DMPs): It is becoming more and more important to set up good data management plans, with an increasing number of funders requiring this. It’s also a very good help for projects to thinking through their IT needs and costs early on. We are encouraging SciLifeLab facilities to support your users with data management plans, and for any facility wishing to do so, we can help you with template configuration(current version of the SciLifeLab DMP template) and software systems to manage such plans(SciLifeLab instance of the Data Stewardship Wizard).

Data delivery portal (in development): A Data delivery portal, to primarily provide cloud based storage for data delivery for facilities and their users, is being developed. Other services relating to interaction between facility and user will be provided through this platform, including support for data management plans and user surveys. The project group also consists of members of several facilities.

SweFreq database: Developed by NBIS and now also with the Data Centre, this database stores allele frequency data from Swedish genomic datasets. It can be accessed at If you have a genomic dataset that you wish to add to this service, please contact

Data helpdesk: If you or your users have any questions regarding IT systems or data management, do not hesitate to contact us at datacentre@scilifelab.sePlease also regularly check our web pages,

Also, you can use the assessment of IT/data needs for facilities: