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Role of the DDLS Research School Management group

The Research School Management Group (RSMG) is the operative group that closely works with the research school managers and personnel from the Operations Office (OO) and is chaired by the Research School Director. RSMG has several responsibilities and mandates. The constitution of the group reflects the DDLS program and the members will provide input and experience within the areas that are important for the DDLS Research School.

Responsibilities and mandates

Preparation of the RSMG budget for decision in SciLifeLab Board and execute decisions within the budget frames set by the SciLifeLab board

  • Responsibility for scientific excellence and quality of courses and range of courses offered in RS  
  • Responsibility for follow-up on PhD students                  
  • Responsibility for up-to date connection to research
  • Initiating external evaluation of the research school
  • Suggesting funding for PhD and post-doc candidates (after evaluation by appointed group) for approval of DDLS Director

The research school management group will be chaired by the director of RS and have appointed members that represents the DDLS program and the research school:

  • 4 Research area-representative (i.e. DDLS fellow/ RA-expert group member)
  • 1 Industry representative
  • 1 Training representative (i.e. representative from the SciLifeLab Training platform)
  • 1 DDLS Steering Group-representative
  • 1 Ethical Conduct representative (representative from OO)
  • 1 PhD/post-doc representative

Representatives in RSMG are elected for 2 years (PhD students 1 year) with the possibility of prolongation

 The RSMG will have approximately 3 meetings per semester á 2 hours. Representatives might be asked to participate in additional assignments.

Profile of members DDLS Research School Management Group:

The members of the DDLS Research School Management Group have an interest and experience in graduate research schools as well as education and training. The members should hold a PhD degree and have experience with research. It is important that the members have a national perspective and understanding of the DDLS program and its strategy. 


  • Research area-representative should have knowledge of the Swedish system for research and higher education and be an expert in the DDLS field of interest
  • Industry representative should have an established network within Swedish life science industry and ideally also experience from academic-industrial collaborations.
  • Training representative should have knowledge of training within the SciLifeLab and an understanding about what the partners can offer in regards of training and education.
  • Ethical Conduct representative should have experience with DEI and work environment questions related to the PhDs and postdocs

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