Antibody based technologies

National course. The course is addressed to current and potential facility users such as PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees within life science at any Swedish university, curious about antibody based methods or in need of antibody based technologies for their research.
Applicants with an ongoing project or defined future project where any of the covered technologies are to be used will be prioritized.

This course is supported by SciLifeLab and run by the SciLifeLab Cell Profiling facility in Stockholm.

Application closed

Important dates

Application opens: December 10, 2018

Application deadline: March 1, 2019

Confirmation to accepted participants: March 5, 2019

If you don’t receive any information before March 11, contact

Social program

The course contains a voluntary social program for networking purposes (includes coffee, lunch and course dinner with teaching experts). A course fee of 900 SEK will be invoiced to accepted participants that attend the social program, after completion of the course. NOTE – Uppsala University cannot invoice individuals.

Course content

The workshop will focus on antibody based technologies and describe the possibilities of using these technologies within the facilities at SciLifeLab. Lectures will cover both theoretical and more practical aspects of the different applications, including the following technologies:

  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence

Protein array technologies and suspension bead technologies

  • Mass cytometry and flow cytometry
  • Immuno capture/immuno precipitation in combination with mass spectrometry
  • Proximity ligation assays
  • Antibody validation strategies

Apart from general aspects of the technologies, the course will include project presentations to demonstrate the benefits and possibilities of the technologies in different contexts. Last but not least validation strategies of antibodies for different applications will be covered, as this is of outmost importance for adequate output data.

Please note that SciLifeLab training courses do not provide any formal university credits.
This course content is suggested to correspond to 0,5 ects
, based on 8 hours of lectures and 8 hours for a reading assignment including written questions (see course literature).
However the estimated credits are just guidelines.
If formal credits are crucial, the student needs to confer with the home department before course application, whether the course is valid for formal credits or not.

Course programme

Course literature

A number of relevant articles will be provided to accepted participants after the application deadline.
The articles should be read before the course and questions should be sent according to instructions in order to fulfill the criteria of suggested 0.5 ects.

Course organizers

Charlotte Stadler,
Elisa Pin,

Course teachers 

  • Cecilia Lindskog Bergström
  • Jan Mulder
  • Jochen Schwenk
  • Ronald Sjöberg
  • Björn Forsström
  • Axel Olin

Entry requirements

No previous experience in antibody based methods is required, but applicants with an ongoing project or defined future project where any of the covered technologies are to be used are prioritized. It is therefore important to briefly describe relevant projects when applying to this course.

The course has a limited number of spots. Selection criteria include correct entry requirements, motivation to attend the course as well as gender and geographical balance.