BiG Talks! – Assembly of large genomes: methods and case studies

The SciLifeLab Bioinformatics and Genomics seminar series “BiG Talks!” is an initiative started 2018 that aims to give inspiration to the SciLifeLab community and to create new networking possibilities. The BiG Talks will rotate between different SciLifeLab nodes and each event will be live broadcasted.

Everyone is welcome to attend the BiG Talks seminar on 5th of December at 14h00 in Biologihörsalen, Biologihuset, Sölvegatan 35, Lund.

After the seminar (around 15h00) “fika” will be served for those who are registered for the event. During fika there will be a chance to mingle with the speaker and fellow coworkers and give your feedback for the BiG Talk! initiative to make this seminar series as successful as possible.

Register for “fika” after the BiG Talks! seminar at this link.

Host: Dr. Dag Ahrén,

Invited speaker: Rayan Chikhi, University of Lille, France

Rayan Chikhi is a researcher at the Bonsai Bioinformatics research group in University of Lille, France, CNRS. His interests range from fundamental data structures and algorithms, to their implementation and execution in the context of DNA and RNA sequencing. Part of his expertise is on the de novo assembly of genomes.

Title of presentation:
Assembly of large genomes: methods and case studies