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Cryo-EM image processing

National course open for PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees in need of cryo-EM data analyses skills within all Swedish universities.

The course is organized by the SciLifeLab Cryo-EM core facility.

Responsible teachers: Marta Carroni,


This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to cryo-EM image processing. It consists of morning lectures and computational image processing practicals in the afternoon. It focuses mainly on single particle cryo-EM data analysis and will not cover cell tomography.  The course is aimed to PhD student or researchers in general that already have cryo-EM data or are planning a cryo-EM single particle study in the near future. Upon completion of the course, attentive participants will be able to plan cryo-EM experiments and run most common cryo-EM image analyses from single particles to 3D classification and refinement.

Important dates 

Application open: 2017-09-11

Application page

Application deadline: 2017-11-05

Acceptance confirmation: 2017-11-10

If you do not receive information according to the above dates please contact:

Course content

Tentative schedule:



Stockholm University
Kemiska Övningslaboratoriet (KÖL)
Svante Arrhenius väg 16A-C
106 91 Stockholm


Room number

Dec 4: K438
Dec 5: K233/239
Dec 6: K438
Dec 7: K438
Dec 8: K233/239
Lecture halls and student laboratories (KÖL) are named for example K438, where K refers to the K buildning, and 4 is the floor the room is located on.


Entry requirements

Participants must be PhD students, postdocs or PI that are or are going to be directly involved in cryo-EM data processing for structure determination. Previous knowledge of cryo-EM and/or having  an ongoing cryo-EM project is desirable.

Selection criteria

Among the applicants, 30 participants will be selected based on correct entry requirements, motivation to attend the course, as well as gender and geographical balance.

Course fee