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Introduction to databases and SQL, 1 hp

The course is open for PhD students (prioritized), postdocs, researchers and other employees in need of bioinformatic skills.

Course content

This workshop/course is for those that want to know how public databases work and how to use a relational database management system like MySQL. Lectures give a theoretical background and then exercises are for practical experience with SQL (MySQL). The exercises are done in the Ubuntu Linux environment.

Course leader

Luciano Fernandez Ricaud (NBIS, National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden; Marine Sciences)

Registration and credit points

For those that would like to participate in the exercises, please contact Luciano  (
For PhD students that would like to receive credit points, please contact Luciano.
Exercises must be completed to get points.


Gösta Sandels, Medicinaregatan 9B, Göteborg