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Introduction to Genome Browsers

This 1-day course on Genome Browsers (09:00-16:30) will take place on February 18th, 2013.

Genome browsers are web-portals designed for easy access to genomic sequences in a graphical environment. Two of the most popular genome browsers aimed at biologists are the UCSC Golden Path, and Ensembl. We will show you how to find your favorite gene in the genome, analyze its gene family, genomic neighbourhood, transcripts, gene promoter, and other vital gene-related information. We will also discuss UCSC table browser and Ensembl Biomart, web-tools for making more complex genomics queries and retrieving lists of genes, promoters, and other genomics features.

All participants are strongly encouraged to bring their lap tops.

The number of participants at this course is limited to 15. Additional courses may be offered next year, depending on demand.

The course is sponsored by BILS and SciLifeLab Stockholm. The course is primarily directed at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who will be direct users of genome browsers.

To apply, please send a message to, or, quoting “genome_browsers@SciLifeLab” in the message subject. State your motivation, previous experience with genome browsers (if any), and what uses of genome browsers you are most interested in.

You are welcome to bring problems/questions related to your own research!