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Long-Read Single-Molecule Sequencing at NGI – SciLifeLab

Empower your research with long-read real-time single-molecule sequencing.

National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) hosted by SciLifeLab invites you to join a two-day event dedicated to Pacific Biosciences RSII applications. During the first day, the NGI will share its experiences from the first year of operating with this technology. You will also hear about the latest news of the technology development from the company representatives. In the afternoon, we will offer an array of presentations by Swedish researchers who used long-read sequencing for answering their scientific questions.

The next day is dedicated to the Bioinformatics Workshop, lead by PacBio bioinformatics team. The aim of that workshop is to make attendees acquainted with PacBio analysis software, as well as to present different analysis pipelines.

There will be a time-slot allocated for individual project discussions during both days.


Please register for the event here.


Important dates

Application deadline: March 2

Final program sent to registered participants: March 5

Registration, seminar, and project discussions: March 17

Bioinformatics workshop, and project discussions: March 18


We wish you a warm welcome.

On behalf of the organizers,
Olga V. Pettersson