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Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and How

The aim of this course is to give an overview of mass spectrometry based proteomics for researchers that will apply these techniques in their own research. The course is focusing on proteomics technologies and applications, for proteomics data analysis we recommend our KI doctoral course “Omics data analysis: From quantitative data to biological information”

Course period: 2014-10-13 – 2014-10-24

3 credits, Karolinska institutet Doctoral level course, SciLifeLab Stockholm.

The course includes

Lectures and workshops on
-Overview of proteomics
-The proteomics workflow
-Basic of separation sciences: Protein and peptides
-Introduction to Mass spectrometry
-Experimental design
-Sample preparation, immunoprecipitation and enrichment strategy
-Quantitative and qualitative proteomics by mass spectrometry
-Global and targeted proteomics
-Human protein atlas and Biological validation
-Clinical applications
-A practical laboratory exercise using mass spectrometry based proteomics

For more details about the course, contact Maria Pernamalm (