Molecular Technology and Instrumentation for Proteome Analyses

SciLifeLab practical course sponsored by DiaTools and Affinomics open for PhD students, PostDocs and researchers from all Swedish university, and international applicants are also welcome.

The course will provide insight into state-of-the-art technologies for proteome analyses in research and medicine via danced molecular technologies, reagent resources and instrumentation. The course is co-organized by the proteomics platforms at Science for Life Laboratory and the EU FP7 projects DiaTools and Affinomics. The course will convey, by lectures and hands-on training, information about established and emerging methods and technologies relevant in basic research and diagnostics. Affinity- and non-affinity methods for protein analyses will be covered.

Course content

The theoretical part will include lectures, seminars and discussions and they will be combined with hands-on work including introduction to mass spectrometry and Proximity Ligation Assays, plus immunohistochemistry with tissue microarray production and image analysis.

Teaching staff

Prof. Ulf Landegren, Assoc. Prof. Masood Kamali-Moghaddam, Dr. Anna Asplund, Prof. Fredrik Pontén, Prof. Jonas Bergqvist, Dr. Michael Taussig, Assoc. Prof. Margareta Ramström Jonsson, Dr. Sara Lind, Dr. Kim Kultima, Dr. Per-Henrik Edqvist


Info and application

Application deadline: June 30

Location: Biomedical centre and Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden

Fee: Free of charge. Travel and accommodation is not covered.