Optical Clearing and Expansion Microscopy symposium

The Advanced Light Microscopy facility at Science for Life laboratory cordially welcomes you to an symposium covering applications of optical clearing and expansion microscopy from world leading experts.

Registration: hblom@kth.se



12:20 Opening
Hans Blom, SciLifeLab, KTH, Sweden
12:30 Whole-brain Profiling of Cells by CUBIC
Hiroki R. Ueda, University Tokyo/Riken BDR, Japan

Expansion Microscopy
Ed Boyden, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, USA


14:30 X10 Microscopy
Sven Truckenbrodt, University Göttingen, Germany
15:00 Expansion & STED
Helge Ewers, FU Berlin, Germany
15:30 Kidney clearing & expansion
David Unnersjö-Jess, Scilifelab, KTH, Sweden