Postrevolution Cryo-EM: Reaping the benefits while looking to the future

October 10-11 2019, Biomedicum lecture theatre, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


The 2nd CryoNet Annual Symposium will highlight the latest discoveries in protein-nucleic acid complexes along with a view to the future of cryo-EM. Alongside presentations on important biological results will be exciting methodological advances emphasizing that cryo-EM is still in a major growth phase.

Students and postdocs are encouraged to apply to give talks and poster presentations

CryoNet is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation


Preliminary program

October 10: Hot structures


09.30-10.05 John Rubinstein, University of Toronto 

10.05-10.25 Selected speaker 1

10.25-10.45 Selected speaker 2


10.45-11.00 Coffee


11.00-11.35 Kelly Nguyen, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

11.35-11.55 Selected speaker 3


12.00-13.30 Lunch + posters


13.30-14.05 Sarah Butcher, University of Helsinki

14.05-14.25 Selected speaker 4

14.25-14.45 Selected speaker 5


14.45-15.10 Coffee


15.10-15.45 Lars-Anders Carlson, Umeå University

15.45-16.20 Ana Casanal, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

16.20-16.55 Clemens Plaschka, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology 


October 11: New methods


09.30-10.05 John Briggs, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology 

10.05-10.25 Selected speaker 6

10.25-10.45 Selected speaker 7


10.45-11.00 Coffee


11.00-11.35 Julia Mahamid, European Molecular Biology Laboratory 

11.35-11.55 Selected speaker 8


12.00-13.30 Lunch + posters


13.30-14.05 Sara Sandin, Nanyang Technological University

14.05-14.25 Selected speaker 9

14.25-14.45 Selected speaker 10


14.45-15.10 Coffee


15.10-15.45 Elizabeth Wright,University of Wisconsin–Madison 

15.45-16.20 Sharon Wolf, Weizmann Institute of Science

16.20-16.55 Peijun Zhang, University of Oxford 



Organizers: Alexey Amunts, Bridget Carragher, Ausra Domanska, Gunnar von Heijne


Postrevolution Cryo-EM: Reaping the benefits while looking to the future
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