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SciLifeLab course: Basic Bioinformatics

5 days, (1,5 hp)

The purpose of this course is to familiarize researchers with backgrounds in medicine, biology, or related fields with publicly available bioinformatics analysis programs. All of the tools that we cover are free for public use, and are either accessible through a web interface or easy to install locally. Specifically, we will explain how to use and interpret the results of:

– UCSC Genome browser (including blat)

– Ensembl genome browser (including an introduction into their public database interface)

– NCBI blast family of sequence aligners (nucleotide blast, protein blast, translated blast etc.)

– The NCBI databases

– Pipelines to build phylogeny from sequences (, and visualization tools (figtree etc.)

– Graphing nucleotide alignments and motifs (Berkeley WebLogo)

– Computing secondary DNA and RNA structure (mfold)

– Transcript annotation and functional characterization (blast2go)

– Functional annotation via conserved domains (rfam, pfam)

– Species specific resources and databases (flybase, wormbase etc.)

Entry requirements

A background in genetics, cell biology, biomedicine, biochemistry, bioinformatics or comparable is desirable.

Selction criteria

Include correct entry requirements, motivation to attend the course as well as gender and geographical balance.

Course organizers

Manfred Grabherr, Lisa Klasson, Elina Hjertström

Course information

Application form

Application deadline: February 6th

National Course. The course is open for PhD students, postdocs, researchers, and other employees in need of bioinformatic skills within all Swedish universities

Limit: 20 participants

Note! Important dates!

February 6th
Application deadline

February 7th
You will receive a confirmation that we have received your application.

February 8th
You will receive an email stating that you have been accepted to the course or an email stating that you have not been accepted to the course

If you don’t receive information according to the dates above, contact:

Course fee

A course fee of 1800 SEK will be invoiced to accepted participants (includes the study material, coffee, lunches and course dinner).