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SciLifeLab – Labcyte Nordic Symposium 2013

Advancing Life Science Discovery with Acoustic Liquid Handling Technologies

SciLifeLab invites you to a workshop and seminar days on which we share knowledge and experiences around the use of acoustic liquid handling technologies. Workshop on the 27th of November and Seminar day on the 28th of November at the SciLifeLab building at the Karolinska Institutet campus Tomtebodavägen 23A.

This co-hosted event will focus on the use of this technology in both academia and industry where acoustic liquid handling have found novel use: – Academic and pharma experiences in screening compound and siRNA libraries. – Assay screening technologies. New advances in acoustic liquid handling technologies are enabling adoption of new assay technologies for protein assays and enzymatic assays.

There will be speakers from AstraZeneca, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), Stockholm University and more. This is an ideal opportunity if you are new to this field to better understand how plate based acoustic technology works and how you can benefit from it and for experienced users to learn more.

Detailed program will be released shortly.

Registration OBS, there is a limited number of seats and participants in the workshops.

Should you have questions regarding the event, please contact

Hosted by RNAi cell screening Facility @ SciLifeLab and Labcyte.