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SciLifeLab Day


This autumn SciLifeLab Day will have a new concept!

Two days instead of one – offering world leading science

Bigger environmental focus – workshop in Environmental Sciences

Fellows corner – listen to our strategic recruitments giving short, inspiring talks about their research

Bioinformatics consultation – get your questions answered by the bioinformatics experts at SciLifeLab Bioinformatics platform

Biobank exhibition – KI Biobank, SLU Biobank & Uppsala Biobank

Facility exhibition in a new way



Registration information

October 5 – List of participants

Venue October 5: Stora salen, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK), Vaksala torg 1, Uppsala


October 6 – List of participants

Venus October 6: Ekmansalen, Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), Norbyvägen 14-18, Uppsala

This event is free of charge, but if you fail to cancel your registration less than one day before the event you will be charged a cancellation fee of 500 SEK.


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October 5 – A full day of scientific seminars.

This day will, in connection to high level scientific seminars, offer Fellows corner, Bioinformatics consultation, and exhibitions presenting various SciLifeLab facilities and biobanks från Uppsala & Stockholm.

Venue: Stora salen, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK), Vaksala torg 1, Uppsala

Program (abstracts available under Related Items)

08:30-09:30 Registration & coffee
09:30-09:40 Welcome words

09:40-12:00 Big Data and Medicine 

Moderators: Fredrik Swartling & Johan Rung

Keynote: Caroline Heckman, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki
Individualized cancer systems medicine

Rebecka Jörnsten, Mathematical Sciences, University of Gothenburg & Chalmers Institute of Technology
Comparative network modeling of TCGA data and network component resolution (NetCoR)

Nils Landegren, Dept. of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet & Dept. of Medical Sciences, SciLifeLab, Uppsala University
Viewing autoimmunity at the proteome scale

Rickard Knutsson, National Veterinary Institute (SVA)
Multidisciplinary biological threats and big data challenges

Bengt Persson, SciLifeLab Bioinformatics Platform
SciLifeLab Bioinformatics Platform and the new NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden

12:00-13:30 Lunch, Bioinformatics consultation, Exhibitions & Fellows corner

Fellows corner (12:30-13:20, in the Exhibition area) – in four minutes a SciLifeLab strategic recruitment will present her or his research as riveting, inspiring, and pedagogic as possible. Line-up:

Carolina Wählby, Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University
Carsten Daub, Dept. of Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska Institutet
Daniel Globisch, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala University
Paul Hudson, School of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Petter Brodin, Dept. of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
Sophie Sanchez, Dept. of Organismal Biology, Uppsala University

13:30-15:30 Lost and Found in Life Science

Moderators: Marie Allen & Siv Andersson

Keynote: Walther Parson, Institute of Legal Medicine, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria & Forensic Science Program, Penn State University, USA
Celebrity genetics: DNA identification of famous persons

Charlie Cornwallis, Dept. of Biology, Lund University
The evolutionary loss and gain of animal societies

Simone Immler, Dept. of Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University
The causes and consequences of gametic selection in animals

Anders Götherström, Dept. of Archaeology and Classic Studies, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University
Archaeogenetics, solving old questions and providing new once

15:30-16:00 Coffee, Bioinformatics consultation & Exhibitions

16:00-16:45 Big Data and Medicine – the future

Moderator: Richard Rosenquist Brandell

Keynote: Elias Campo, Hospital Clinic, IDIBAPS, University of Barcelona
Clinical impact of recurrent coding and non-coding mutations in CLL

16:50-17:00 Concluding remarks


October 6 – SciLifeLab Day workshop in Environmental Sciences

The broad aim of the workshop is to discuss and formulate strategies for how environmental sciences can benefit from the tools, infrastructure and expertise in molecular biosciences offered by SciLifeLab. Invited speakers experienced in applying such methods to understand processes and features of ecosystems will present case studies from ecosystem-centered research in terrestrial systems (forests, agriculture), aquatic systems (lakes, groundwater, the Baltic Sea and other marine systems) as well as engineered systems (e.g. wastewater treatment systems, bioreactors).

Venue: Ekmansalen, Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), Norbyvägen 14-18, Uppsala


09:30-10:00 Registration, coffee and exhibitions
10:00-10:15 Welcome words

10:15-12:00 Session 1

Sara Hallin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Functional microbial ecology in soils

Martin Ekman, Stockholm University
Baltic sea picocyanobacteria: from metagenomics to cultured isolates

Anna Rosling, Uppsala University
The cryptic diversity of forests soils

Anders Andersson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Tools and needs – reality check

12:00-13:00 Lunch and exhibitions

13:00-15:00 Session 2

Silke Langenheder, Uppsala University/SITES
Microbial diversity across terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

Jarone Pinhassi, Linnaeus University
Microbial oceanography at the Linnaeus Microbial Observatory, Baltic Sea

Guest lecture: Rachel Whitaker, University of Illinois
Viral-induced dormancy in microbial populations

15:00-15:45 Group discussions (incl. coffee)

Led by:
Daniel Lundin, Ecology and Evolution in Microbial model Systems, Linnaeus University
Alexander Eiler, Dept. of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University
Johan Wikner, Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Umeå University
Helle Ploug, University of Gothenburg

15:45-16:15 Plenary discussion and wrap-up

16:15- Science pub at EBC


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