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Single cell analysis of microbes – a practical and theoretical workshop

Application open: March 1

Application deadline: March 31

Confirmation to accepted students: April 1

Responsible teachers: Stefan Bertilsson, Thijs Ettema, Claudia Bergin, Anna-Maria Divne

If you do not receive information according to the dates above, contact Anna-Maria Divne:

Course fee

A course fee 1000 SEK will be invoiced to accepted participants (includes the study material, coffee, lunches and course dinner). Uppsala University cannot invoice individuals.

Course content

The Microbial Single Cell Genomic facility, a part of the SciLifeLab platform Functional Genomics, will host a two days course on single cell analysis, with particular emphasis on genomics. The course aims at introducing the field by hands on laboratory work at the facility in combination with lectures ranging from cell sorting, whole genome amplification to data handling.

The course encompasses two days with laboratory work and lectures at the facility. An optional third day is the SciLifeLab Summit in Stockholm.


More details about the course can be found here


Topics covered will include

  • Single cell sorting with FACS
  • Whole genome amplification and lysis
  • Methods for single cell analysis and possible applications
  • Data management

Application & Entry requirements

A background in molecular biology is a requirement; some knowledge of basic bioinformatics is desirable.

In your application please state your motivation for the course, your relevant scientific background and the invoice address.

Selection criteria include correct entry requirements, motivation to attend the course as well as gender and geographical balance. Preference will be given to applications from within Sweden.

Please send your application to Anna-Maria Divne: