Teaching Workshop: Content- to Outcomes (using the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics as a tool for curriculum design)

Workshop organized by NBIS (SciLifeLab Bioinformatics platform) with Prof. Rochelle E. Tractenberg (Georgetown University, https://georgetown.academia.edu/rochelletractenberg).   This workshop is open for the Life Science community across Sweden wanting to improve their teaching/training skills. Especially targeting people engaged and interested in course development, both stand-alone courses and courses in a more formal/longer curricula.

We urge you to attend both sessions/days. However, in order to attend the on-site workshop 11th of September you need to have listened in and taken part of the online seminar the 10th of September. Details regarding content see below.

Important dates

Application open from August 14

Application closes when 20 seats are filled

Confirmation to accepted students: mail to registered participants will be sent on a regular basis upon application from individuals (every Friday)

Responsible teachers:  Jessica Lindvall, Jessica.lindvall@nbis.se

If you do not receive information according to the above dates please contact:  Jessica Lindvall, Jessica.lindvall@nbis.se

Course fee

Free for participants

Course content

Online Seminar 2019-09-10, 13h00 – 16h00

Title: The Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics: introductory seminar 

Seminar Description: A Mastery Rubric requires a set of core knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) together with a developmental trajectory that describes how each KSA can and should change as a result of instruction, feedback, and deliberate practice. In 2017, a cohort ofbioinformatics experts who are enthusiastic and reflective teachers were convened for a workshop that led to the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics (MR-Bi) currently under peer review). In this hourlong seminar, the final version of the MR-Bi will be introduced, along with guidelines for curriculum and course development. The features of the MR-Bi that can support curriculum and course development (both stand-alone/training courses and courses in formal curricula) will be discussed.

Onsite workshop 2019-09-11, 9h30 – 16h00 (SciLifeLab Solna)

Title: The Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics: Hands-on content- to outcomes-based teaching workshop

Workshop Description: Participants in this workshop will practice shifting from content-driven to learning outcomes- driven teaching, using the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics and their own courses. Participant engagement in the use of the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics will require familiarity with the construct, so participants should attend the seminar and also, peruse the manuscript describing the MR-Bi. The ultimate goals of this workshop are to discuss the five phases of curriculum development and their relevance for any given course or training session, and to demonstrate, and give practice, to educators and trainers in using the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics to support evidence-informed teaching and training. We will also explore the role of the MR-Bi in other phases of curriculum- and course- development (as time permits). The workshop will support evidence-based, learning-centered teaching and assessment in bioinformatics and data science, and will be led by a cognitive scientist/expert in teaching and learning who developed the Mastery Rubric construct.

Due to limited space the course can accommodate maximum of 20 participants. First come first served basis.

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