Wenner-Gren Foundations Distinguished Lecture

Wenner-Gren Foundations Distinguished Lecture:

Professor Mary Ann Moran

Department of Marine Sciences, University of Georgia,


Exploring the Ocean Microbiome

The ocean microbiome – the complex set of microorganisms in the sea – plays a critical role in the global cycling of elements necessary for life. Prof. Mary Ann Moran is a leading authority in research to identify how marine microorganisms carry out biogeochemical cycling, with particular focus on deciphering the molecular mechanisms that regulate the fluxes of sulfur and carbon. Prof. Moran has pioneered the genetic analysis of complex natural communities, both in genomics and in microbial gene expression (metatranscriptomics), providing the knowledge necessary to interpret the role of microorganisms in a changing environment.

Time: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 13:00

Place: Uppsala University, BMC Navet, Triple room/SciLifeLab

Hosts: Professor Stefan Bertilsson & Rachel A Foster