Laboratories for Chemical Biology Umeå (LCBU)

National facility

Laboratories for Chemical Biology Umeå (LCBU) is a comprehensive screening and chemistry center within CBCS. LCBU is affiliated with programs funded by the Swedish Research Council: Umeå Centre for Microbial Research Linnaeus Program (UCMR) and Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS), a node in the Nordic EMBL partnership for molecular medicine. In collaboration with the University of Tromsø natural product libraries based on secondary metabolites produced by marine microorganisms are explored. Currently LCBU develops capacity for screening and chemical biology in plant research. The LCBU team assists research groups to develop chemistry and chemical probes to strengthen their research. As a part of CBCS, LCBU offers its services to all Swedish academic institutions.


  • Access to small-molecule and fragment screening libraries.
  • Assay development.
  • Biochemical, cell-based and phenotypic high-throughput screening.
  • Computational chemistry & modeling.
  • High-throughput imaging technology.
  • Medicinal chemistry expertise.
  • Expertise in screening for antimicrobial compounds.


More info will be available soon.