Single Cell Proteomics

National facility

The Single Cell Proteomics Facility aims to provide access to state-of-the art methods to detect proteins, or protein combined with RNA, in single cells for the Swedish and international scientific community.



  • Conjugation of oligonucleotides to antibodies for custom proximity-based protein assays
  • 92-plex protein detection in single or a few human cells using proximity extension assays (PEA; Olink Proteomics)
  • Targeted protein analysis, alone or combined with targeted RNA analysis
  • High throughput qPCR via the Fluidigm BioMark HD system


  • C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep system, Fluidigm
  • Realtime PCR readout via BioMark HD system, Fluidigm


  • Investigate heterogeneity in cell populations or tissues at the level of protein +/- RNA
  • Validate or follow-up findings from transcriptomic studies
  • Investigate RNA-protein expression dynamics